About Us

The word “chatelaine” derives from the Latin word for castle.  It refers to the lady who, in Medieval times, was in charge of the day-to-day castle functions (supplies, bookkeeping, supervision, teaching, and serving as a guide to the guests).  One of her most important responsibilities was to keep the keys to the castle.


Because the chatelaine kept the keys, she needed a place to put them where they would be safe and accessible.  By the 17th century, a metal jeweled ornament, called a chatelaine, was a popular organizing device.


As a woman-owned and run business, we feel a duty to our clients as much as “the lady” did to serve them by ultimately being their guide and teacher in the real estate transaction (whether it be buying, selling, mortgage financing, leasing or property management).  We serve to carry out the functions of organization and due diligence in the transaction and act, in essence, as a “keeper of the keys” until we hand over the “castle” in a sales transaction or keep the “castle” running via diligent leasing and/or property management.


Your home is indeed your castle and you deserve the best and most honest service.  We value your business and the honor of your trust.

Team Chatelaine

Carolina Brown arrived in Southern California at the age of four and grew up in Torrance.  She attended Torrance schools from K-12 and received her bachelor’s degree from UCLA.  She is a licensed real estate broker and the founder of Chatelaine Properties as well as a mortgage loan originator with SelectPlus Lending.   She is passionate about all things real estate and finance.  When not hard at work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.


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Emely Vazquez is a native of the South Bay.  Born in Torrance, she grew up in Hawthorne and Carson before settling back in Torrance.  For over a decade, she has dedicated herself to a career in real estate.   She believes in servant-driven leadership and is truly passionate about using her experience to help make people’s homeownership dreams a reality.


She’s also been blessed with a wonderful husband of almost 20 years and three amazing sons.  When she’s not busy helping clients, you can find her hanging around the South Bay with her family in tow.


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